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Tuesday, 16 May 2017


We all love the movies and if there is a cuddly, loveable dog or cat featured, even better, isn’t it?

Not for me, I hate those movies, not only because despite the Humane Society of America stamp of approval at the end of the credits, I am never too sure about how the animals were treated off screen.

Nowadays, computer graphics have largely replaced live animals in the movies, but I still hate them.

Why? These movies cause endless problems for animal rescue centres worldwide.

Within six months of the release of movies like 101 Dalmatians, Jock of the Bushveld, Beethoven and so on, rescue centres were inundated with unwanted Dalmatians, Staffies and St. Bernards.

It has been many years since the Lassie movies (showing my age here) and the demand for Rough Collies have declined to the point where it is difficult to find one (they are, in case you haven’t paid attention to my previous blogs, my favourite dog breed). Still, they made a huge impact as I often tell people my dog is a Rough Collie and I get blank stares until I say it is a Lassie Dog!

Please, Hollywood, be kind to us and don’t even think of remaking Lassie! These gentle dogs will not do well in rescue centres.

Any movie featuring a dog or cat leads to an increase in demand for them as pets (Babe was no exception, who knew pigs could be cuddly pets?).

People get this romantic picture of their ideal pet and immediately want one!

Hello! Garfield is a cartoon cat and does not actually exist – I’ve never come across a cat that craves lasagne! I love the cartoon and would really like to have a cat like Garfield – not going to happen, it is fantasy! Trust me, I’ve had a ginger cat – so not like Garfield.

I know some of these movies are based on real stories, but it has had the Hollywood treatment and has been romanticised.

Please people, get the difference between fantasy and reality. It is only a movie and animals are not fashion items, to be discarded at the end of the season.

Never base the choice of a pet on a movie character, choose the animal that best suits you (or even better, you it).  Best of all, choose a senior cat or dog from your local rescue centre and give it a second chance!



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